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Happy Scarecrow CAL – Materials

Hello everyone! I’m doing my first FREE CAL to celebrate the start up of my business and website! This CAL will start October 19. There will be five parts. Part one released Monday, part two is Tuesday, etc. On Friday, October 23, you’ll have a full scarecrow! And he’s so adorable. When Part one is posted there will be a link here —>

This Happy Scarecrow was designed for my mom. She had a scarecrow pin from Avon when she was a kid that was so cute. I did my best to replicate it, although some things are a tad different to accommodate crochet.

This guy is pretty big, about a foot tall, and has a lot of separate parts to make so it will be broken down between all five days. Here is the schedule –

Part One (Oct 19) – Accents like patches, leaves for hat, eyes and nose.

Part Two (Oct 20) – Hat and Hair.

Part Three (Oct 21) – Body.

Part Four (Oct 22) – Arms and Bandanna

Part Five (Oct 23) – Face and Assembly.

Here are a list of materials that I used, but feel free to use any color combinations you like. I would love to see your different takes on this pattern! Tag me in your pictures on instagram @safehaven_studio

Materials needed –

3.75mm (F) Hook

4.25 (G) Hook – Optional for making the hair easier to attach.

Worsted Weight yarn in the colors – yellow, blue, burgundy, orange, black, beige and brown. (Use any colors!)


Yarn Needle for sewing the pieces together

It would be great if you could join me as it’s my first CAL. I’d love to do CAL’s in the future so advice is much appreciated. If you have any questions you can contact me at

See you Monday!


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