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Happy Scarecrow CAL – Part Five

Today’s the day you get to see your finished products and I can’t wait. We’re going to making the head, then assembling using existing yarn tails from pieces we’ve already finished. Refer to the pictures to determine placement of features although I tried to help as much as I could in the descriptions. This is my least favorite part as I’m sure it’s a lot of yours. Put on some music or tv and let’s get through this together.

(If you’re just joining, you can go back and find all the details, materials, and schedule on this post )

Today all we’ll need is a 3.75 mm (F) hook, and worsted yarn in the color beige. The head is worked from one side to the other, not top to bottom. It looks sort of like a lemon.

Head – In Beige using 3.75 mm (F) Hook

R1: 4 Sc in MR (4)

R2: *Inc* (8)

R3: *Sc* (8)

R4: *Sc, Inc* (12)

R5: *2 Sc, Inc* (16)

R6: *3 Sc, Inc* (20)

R7: *4 Sc, Inc* (24)

R8: *5 Sc, Inc* (28)

R9: *6 Sc, Inc* (32)

R10: *7 Sc, Inc* (36)

R11: *8 Sc, Inc* (40)

R12: *9 Sc, Inc* (44)

R13: *10 Sc, Inc* (48)

R14: *11 Sc, Inc* (52)

R15: *12 Sc, Inc* (56)

R16-24: *Sc* (56)

R25: *12 Sc, Dec* (52)

R26: *11 Sc, Dec* (48)

R27: *10 Sc, Dec* (44)

R28: *9 Sc, Dec* (40)

R29: *8 Sc, Dec* (36)

R30: *7 Sc, Dec* (32)

R31: *6 Sc, Dec* (28)

R32: *5 Sc, Dec* (24)

R33: *4 Sc, Dec* (20)

R34: *3 Sc, Dec* (16) Stuff head and continue stuffing to end.

R35: *2 Sc, Dec* (12)

R36: *1 Sc, Dec* (8)

R37: *Sc* (8) R38: Dec 3 times. FO and sew hole closed. The ends of the ‘lemon’ are the ears. I pinched mine a little bit so they’re more pronounced.


Using the tail from the neck, sew the head to the body. Stuff the neck firmly before attaching. Make sure the head is in a football shape with the rows being vertical. You may need to use pins and pin the head in place first to get an even look.

Stuff arms and pinch the ends shut. You can whip stitch the tops of the arms flat before sewing them to the body if you prefer. Sew the arms to about Row 40 of the body, about 14-16 stitches apart. Whatever looks right from the front of the scarecrow.

Use this image as a visual guide for placements.

Sew the bandanna to the body where the neck and head meet with the point of the bandanna facing down.

Sew the cheeks about 2 inches up from the neck with 10 rows between them.

This is a close up of the face for reference.

Sew the nose about 2.5 inches up from the neck, directly center of the 2 cheeks.

Sew the eyes about 4 inches up from the neck with 4 rows between them. Make sure the blue stitches are at the bottom of the eyes.

Using black yarn, stitch a smile going from one cheek to the other. Make little tiny stitches along the smile to make it look like a scarecrow’s stitches.

Last is the hat! Position the hat on the head in a way that looks right to you. Mine is tilted back from the face slightly. Don’t worry if some of the hair covers the eyes, you’re about to trim it. I positioned the hat so the flower and leaves aren’t in the center of the hat, but off to the side. (Look at picture) Use the tail from the hat and sew it to the head and through Row 17 of the hat.

Use scissors and very carefully trim the hair around the eyes if you wish. Mine still overlap the eyes a little so it looks somewhat natural. I also angled it at the edge of the eyes so it blends back into the full length of the hair. I didn’t make it neat and even so he still looks like a messy little scarecrow. And that’s it!

I can’t express how much I appreciate everyone’s interest in this first venture on my site. As a thanks, if you tag me in your finished scarecrow images on instagram before Halloween 2020 is over, I will give you a free PDF of my Arctic Seal Amigurumi pattern.

Don’t forget to tag me with an @ symbol and not a # symbol. @safehaven_studio More CALS are coming!


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