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Happy Scarecrow CAL – Part One

Today is the day! I am overwhelmed at the positive response I got to the announcement of this project. I appreciate it so much and hope I can deliver to the level of your enthusiasm. If you don’t know what this is, check out the post about materials you’ll need and the schedule here

Let’s get started. Today you’ll need worsted yarn in the colors yellow, brown, orange, burgundy, black, and blue. OR you can use whatever colors of yarn you have in your stash!

You’ll also need a 3.75 mm (F) crochet hook. No stuffing is needed today, as we’ll only be doing the accent pieces.

Also, here are a list of abbreviations and stitches that you’ll be using throughout this CAL. You’re certainly welcome to reference back to this page to take a look when you need to.

(Sc) – Single Crochet                          

(Inc) – Single Crochet Increase

(Dec) – Single Crochet Decrease     

(MR) – Magic Ring

(FLO) – Front Loop Only                    

(BLO) – Back Loop Only

(Dc) – Double Crochet                       

(Sl St) – Slip Stitch 

(Hdc) – Half Double Crochet            

(FO) – Fasten Off

(DCInc) – Double Crochet Increase

In a few places you’ll see ‘into the base st’ and here’s what it means. For example, when making the flower it says Sc, Ch 2, Sc in 2nd Ch from hook, Sc in Base St of Ch 2. What this means is first Chain 2. Then were going to work back down the Chain to form a petal, so we’ll Single Crochet in the Second Chain from Hook. Next is Single Crochet in the Base St of the Chain 2. All that means is to Single Crochet into the Stitch at the bottom of the Chain 2. It’s the stitch that the first Single Crochet of that petal was made in.

Enough waiting! Let’s go. If Happy the Scarecrow is facing you, there will be a square patch on his right leg. Get some orange ready and we’ll start with that.

Square Patch- In Orange

R1: Ch 7, Sc in 2nd Ch from hook and in each Ch across, (6)

R2-5: Ch 1 and Turn (This counts as the first St), Sc in 2nd St and remaining 4 Sts (6) FO and leave tail to sew on pants.

Next is a heart patch that’s on his bottom. If Happy is facing away from you, this patch will be on his leg that’s currently on the right side. I thought this was a cute little touch.

Heart Patch – In Orange

R1: 10 Sc in MR (10)

R2: (This row is broken up to make it easier to understand, but it is all the same row) Sl st into 1st St and Ch 2 (This counts as the first Dc),

(5 Dc) in next St,

Hdc, 2 Sc,

(Sc, Hdc, Sc) in next St,

2 Sc, Hdc, (6 Dc) in next St. Sl St to the Ch 2 (Or the top of the ‘V’, your preference) and FO. Leave tail to sew on pants.

Eyes (Make 2) – Starting with Black

R1: 6 Sc in MR (6) R2: 2 Sl Sts. Change to blue. 2 Sc, 1 Sl St. Leave last St unworked for 5 Total Stitches. FO and leave tail

Nose – In Orange

R1: In MR do the following Sts – Ch 2, Dc, 2 Sc, Dc, 2 Sc, Dc, Sc, Sl St to 1s Dc and tighten MR (8) FO and leave a tail. It should look like a small triangle

Cheeks (Make 2) – In Burgundy

R1: Work 10 Hdc in MR (10) Sl St and FO leaving a tail

Leaves for Hat (Make 2) – In Orange

Side1: Ch 4, Sc in 2nd and 3rd Ch from hook leaving first ch that was made unworked. *Ch 4, Sc in 2nd, 3rd and 4th Ch from hook*, Repeat ** once more. Ch 3, Sc in 2nd and 3rd Ch from hook.

Side2: We’re now going to work on the ‘flat’ side of what we have so far.

Sc in the 3rd bump. Ch 4, Sc in 2nd, 3rd and 4th Ch from hook, Sl St into the base St of the Ch 4,

Sc in 2nd Bump. Ch 4, Sc in 2nd, 3rd and 4th Ch from hook, Sl St into the base St of the Ch 4,

Sc in 1st Bump. Ch 3, Sc in 2nd and 3rd Ch from hook, Sl St into the base St of the Ch 3.

Sl St into 1st Ch of the leaf at the very beginning. Ch 3 for the stem.

FO and weave tail back through the stem for extra support, leaving the tail coming out of the body of the leaf. This will be used to sew the leaf to the hat.

This is where you weave in the end, back down the stem to the base of the leaf. LEAVE THE TAIL. Do not cut it.

Flower – Starting with Brown

R1: 8 Sc in MR (8) Change to Yellow

R2: Sc, Ch 2, Sc in 2nd Ch from hook, Sc in Base St of Ch 2, *Sc in next St of R1, Ch 2, Sc in 2nd Ch from hook, Sc in Base St of Ch 2* Repeat ** 6 times for 8 total petals. FO and leave tail to sew onto the hat.

That’s it for today! To me the accents are the worst part because of all the little details and ends. It’s over in a breeze though. If you want to share your progress tag me on Instagram @safehaven_studio

Tomorrow (October 20) Part Two will be added and there will be a link here –>

We will be making the hat and hair so be ready to add some fringe! There will be a link to a youtube tutorial that shows a visual so don’t worry.

See you tomorrow!


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