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Happy Scarecrow CAL – Part Three

Hello everyone! Today is the biggest part let and from here on out it’s smooth sailing. We’ll be making the body and also sewing the patches onto the legs.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can find the post with materials and schedule for this FREE CAL here

What you’ll need today is

3.75mm (F) Hook

Worsted yarn in the colors beige, yellow, blue, burgundy, and brown.

Let’s go!

Legs (Make 2) – starting with beige.

R1: Work 6 Sc in MR (6)

R2: *Inc* (12)

R3: *Sc, Inc* (18)

R4: *2 Sc, Inc* (24)

R5: *3 Sc, Inc* (30)

R6: *4 Sc, Inc* (36)

R7-10: *Sc* (36) Change to Yellow

R11: [All stitches will be worked into row 10 and will be in FLO] *2 Sc, Ch 4, Sc in 2nd Chain from hook and next 2 Chains, Sl St in base Chain of the Ch 4* – Repeat ** around. FO and weave in the ends.

R12: (In blue) In BLO of Row 10, Sc in each St around (36) Do not fasten off. Continue pattern.

R13-19: *Sc* (36)

For the first leg, Sl St and FO here. For the second leg, repeat rows 1-19 again and DO NOT fasten off.

To attach legs together – Put both legs side by side. Work 6 Sc through both legs attaching them together. Work 1 Sc in the next St of the left leg only. Put a stitch marker in the last worked stitch. This is the new beginning of the row.

R20: 30 Sc on one leg and 30 Sc on the other leg for (60) stitches.

R21-25: Sc* (60) Switch to burgundy at the end of R25

R26: 8 Sc, Dec* (54)

     Right around now is when you’ll sew the patches onto the pants. The square patch is sewn between R14 and R20 at a slight angle so it’s almost on a diamond shape. Use brown yarn to make little stitches around the edge.

This is an image where the body is finished, but as you can see the square patch is on the right leg when the body is facing you.

     For the heart patch, sew it somewhere between R18 and R24. Again, use brown yarn to make little stitches around the edge.

The heart patch goes on the right leg if the back of the scarecrow is facing you.

     This is also when I FO all the tails on the inside of the body. (Either woven in or knotted)

R27-37: Sc* (54) Begin to stuff and continue stuffing as you finish the body.

R38: 7Sc, Dec* (48)

R39: 6 Sc, Dec* (42)

R40: 5 Sc, Dec* (36)

R41: 4 Sc, Dec* (30)

R42: 3 Sc, Dec* (24)

R43: 2 Sc, Dec (18) Sl St in next St.

We’re not going to close up the neck. FO and leave a long tail to sew the head on. Before you sew the head on, stuff the neck firmly.

And that’s all for today. I’ve been having fun so far and now we’re racing towards the finish line. Tomorrow we’ll be making the arms and the cute little bandanna. Come join in! I’d love to see your scarecrows no matter when you’re able to start.

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