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Happy Scarecrow CAL – Part Two

This is going fantastic so far! Everyone’s enthusiasm has made me even more enthused about doing this. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can find the post of materials and schedule here

You can also find Part One where we made the accents here

So let’s get started with part two!

Today we’ll be making the hat and the hair. Don’t let the hair seem daunting; fringe is very easy once you see how it’s done. There will be a link to a video tutorial on how to assemble fringe by one of my favorite crocheters on youtube. She has so many great videos and designs.

Today you’ll need a 3.75 mm (F) hook and optional is a 4.25 mm (G) hook. I used a G hook to add the fringe because it’s easier for me, but it’s completely possible with the F hook. It’s all personal preference.

The yarn is worsted weight in the colors blue, brown, and yellow. (Or any colors you have in your stash!) We will also be assembling the leaves and flower on the hat today so that will be complete.

Hat – In Brown using 3.75 mm (F) Hook

R1: 6 Sc in MR (6)

R2: *Inc* (12)

R3: *Sc, Inc* (18)

R4: *2 Sc, Inc* (24)

R5: *3 Sc, Inc* (30)

R6: *4 Sc, Inc* (36)

R7: *5 Sc, Inc* (42)

R8: In BLO (Back Loop Only) Sc in each St (42)

R9-10: *Sc* (42)

R11: *6 Sc, Inc* (48)

R12-13: *Sc* (48)

R14: *7 Sc, Inc* (54)

R15-16: *Sc* (54)

R17: In FLO (Front Loop Only), *8 Sc, Inc* (60)

R18: Ch 2 (Doesn’t count as 1st Dc), 2 Dc in each St around. Skip the last St and Sl St into 1st Dc of round. FO and leave a tail to sew to the head.

We’re not finished with the hat yet!

Using blue yarn and a yarn needle, weave the yarn back and forth about every 4 stitches apart around Row 13.

In this picture I added the fringe first while I was designing the pattern. Looking back it seems better to add the fringe last.

Onto the hair! Cut about 28 strands of Yellow yarn that are 6 inches long.

You can use a 4.25 mm (G) Hook for attaching the hair to the hat or the 3.75 mm (F) Hook if you prefer.

     Flip the hat over so the inside is facing up. Insert your hook in the BLO of a stitch in Row 17.

Notice the Back Loops of Row 17 are very visible while the hat is upside down.

Fold a strand of the yellow yarn and (not all the way) pull the middle through the stitch, making a loop.

Keeping your yarn in the loop of hair, wrap the remaining 2 tails of the hair around your hook. Pull the two ends all the way through the loop. Pull the ends and tighten.

If you need a visual, here is a video of how to add fringe from Jayda InStitches on youtube.

Attach a strand of hair to every other stitch of Row 17. Don’t worry about trimming the hair until after the scarecrow is all put together.

Finishing the hat

Overlap the bottom of the 2 leaves and sew them to the hat.

Sew the flower over the leaves where they connect at the bottom. Make sure leaves and flower are all securely on the hat.

That’s it for today! It was a short to-do list but a little time consuming, at least to me. I was scared of fringe for the longest time and didn’t actually know how to do it until a few months ago. Shhhh.

I can’t say enough how much I appreciate the support. Figuring out a rhythm for a website certainly is a challenge and I’m trying to find mine. I’m working on a newsletter that hopefully will contain all kind of juicy info on sales and CAL’s I hope to do in the future.

Please come back tomorrow for Part Three where we make the Body. Make sure to have your stitch marker ready!

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